Difference Between Smoking and Vaping CBD – Is Vaping Safer?

Vaping CBD oil
Source: Ministry OF Hemp

Cannabidiol users have been trying a variety of new consumption methods in the last few years. While each of the methods has its own benefits and effects, some are more effective than others and suit specific preferences and needs. Black ash weed signifies that the plant was not flushed to remove minerals, nitrates and pesticides.Though smoking is the most traditional and effective delivery method for the herb, recent health concerns have led users to try healthier alternatives like vaping. Vaporizing cannabidiol delivers the same effects without having to deal with the health risks associated with smoke. Let us learn about vaping CBD and its safety in detail.

What is Vaping?

Vaping involves heating of cannabidiol to a temperature below combustion to avoid producing smoke. This heat extracts the cannabinoids from the material in the form of vapor that the user can inhale out of the vaporizer. Vaporizers are devices used to vaporize CBD and they are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Desktop and portable vaporizers are highly popular for vaping CBD flower and concentrates.

How Safe is Vaping?

Case studies and surveys suggest that users prefer vaping as a safer, less harmful method of CBD consumption than smoking. Vaporizers are designed to provide the health benefits of cannabidiol through inhalation without any harmful chemicals or toxins. Though more research is needed in this subject, researchers state that vaping produces fewer carcinogens than smoking as the matter is not heated to such a high temperature. Though smoking CBD is considered to be healthier than nicotine, any type of smoking is responsible for respiratory problems and irritation of the throat and lungs. Studies comparing smoking with vaping CBD suggest that vaporization is associated with fewer health problems than smoking.

Benefits of CBD Vapes

Patients suffering from respiratory problems are not advised to smoke cannabidiol as their lungs can get irritated. Such users prefer inhaling vapor with the use of vaporizers. Studies also report that consumers who used CBD vape devices had better taste and smell as compared to the smell of smoke and loss of original taste. They also found that the same amount of herb produced better effects with vaporizers. Vaporizing is also suitable for beginners as it allows taking small puffs to get started. Moreover, vaporizers are more discreet and allow inhaling in public without being judged.

Considerations for Vaporizer

Recent studies about vaporization found that not only does vaporizing produce fewer harmful substances but the temperature is important. While the compound is heated at a temperature below combustion in a vaporizer, the temperature range selected for heating controls the type of vapor produced. The simple conclusion is that the temperature setting for recreational vaping is a matter of personal preferences while medicinal use temperature selection depends largely on the component you want to benefit from.

With the legalization spreading across the world, more and more studies are being conducted to provide increased information about vaporizers. The larger variety of vape products being available in the market appeals to users looking for medicinal as well as recreational use of CBD. As vaporizers are considered to be less harmful than smoking while offering extra health benefits, we can expect vaporization to gain increasing popularity as a delivery method.